Wastewater management in Wooster Nagar

May 28th, 2008


It is not the most exciting topic, but one close to the lives of rural Indians.  The new town of Wooster Nagar had the rare opportunity to devise a water management plan from scratch as they built the infrastructure of their village.  Finding and managing fresh water for drinking, cooking and other household uses is an issue all over the world, and it is especially difficult in southern India.  The people of Wooster Nagar have installed a “gray water” system for each home.  The black tanks you see in the photo above are for holding water which was used in washing and other non-sewage applications.  This water is then applied to gardens and used for other applications which do not require pure water.  The ditch below is for a sewage pipe which will soon empty into a miniature treatment plant with filtration and settling ponds.  The inhabitants of Wooster Nagar will thus have their own efficient clean water and sanitary systems.


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